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The LinkedAuthority™ Method
Offering Technology Leaders a Crystal Clear Strategy on How To 
FIND and CLOSE More Deals Rapidly & Sustainably...

...on a Predicatble Basis. Gauranteed.

Framework training videos below

OmniChannelMarketing® Framework Training

This is Step 8 of the 
LinkedAuthority™ Method

SpecificPersona® Framework Training

This is Step 1 of the LinkedAuthority™ Method

ConversionExperience® Framework Training

This is Step 6 of the LinkedAuthority™ Method

ValuableDeliverable® Framework Training

This is Step 4 of The LinkedAuthroity™ Method

ConsistentTraffic® Framework Training

This is Step 7 of the LinkedAuthroity™ Method

Bonus Training: Sales Navigator 

Steps 1 & 9 of the LinkedAuthroity™ Method

Don't take our word for it...proof of results below.

Howard SMith
"I had tried a few different marketing approaches: 1. Appointment Setting - Sapper Consulting 2. Google AdWords 3. Cold Calling via Sales Double I switched from Sales Double t o the Lead Market which used LinkedIn to develop connections and then switched to an e-mail campaign to drive appointments. Then found LeadAuthority!"
"I was depending heavily on referrals and local network meetings for leads. That was a slow process and this year I had to gain few new clients quickly. Hence decided to use an automated process to increase good and qualified leads. After talking to few existing clients of Thrive I was convinced to try out the process."
“I Love the ROI the method offers. Combined with the guarantee, the return is immense.”
Jack fitzpatrick
 "This unique method is a mind blowing process that will dramatically shortcut your path to finding qualified buyers....at the right time with the right message "
  • Transformation in 4 Months
  •  125 Opportunities
  •  5 Target Markets Simultaneously
  • ​1800 New Target Audience Acquisition
  • "the team is very knowledgeable about LinkedIn, the process and tools...very honest and open and very responsive to calls...transparent of the possible outcomes and very organized"
  • ​Transformation in 6 months
  • ​701 ideal niche prospects nurtured & converted
  • 228 opportunities for business
  • ​“The team was very accessible with quick response time.  Every email was responded to within an hour. Access to the all activities and results, weekly calls, project manager assigned. Quality advice shared with regard to strategy and tactics”
  • 500 Opportunities in 12 Months
  • ​Thought Leadership Content & Messaging
  • ​2100 New Target Audience Acquisition
  • ​Results in less than 7 months
  • ​980 nurtured niche prospects 
  • 80 opportunities for Business 
  • “They are knowledgeable, professional, great to work with - and they get results.”
Our Promise to You & Your Business:  
Whether You Decide to Work With Us or Not, We Will Uncover the ONE Srategy You Should bE Leveraging for Business Growth.

You asked...

How does the program work?
Instead of selling you individual programs that don't fit together cohesively, The LinkedAuthority Method "zooms way out" and takes you through step-by-step training from beginning to end. We offer this up as both a DONE-FOR-YOU and a DONE-WITH-YOU model.  This program is focused on the executive team and we love the technology industry, but this will work in any B2B niche.

Can I do this "in house"?
Yes!  You can certainly do this on your own; however, note the list of TACTICAL roles you will need for the same results ($14,625 + per month), costs associated and tools required:

Social Media Manager: $1,250 - $1,800 per month
Sales Navigator Consultant: : $2,000 + per month
Content Writer/Creator: $1000 - $2,000 per month
Video Editor: $750 - $1,250 per video
PR/Influencer Marketing: $2275 - $3,500 per month.
Scheduler/Assistant: $1500 - $2000 per month.
Graphics Person:  $1750 - $2,500 per month.
Landing Page Builder: $2,100 - $2,500.
Project Manager: $2,000 - $4,000 per month.
Costs also include: SGNA expenses.

There are also the soft costs of “time” to consider:  
* Organic time: (aka opportunity costs i.e. time to interview, train, manage).
* Time to Revenue: (pulling all the ‘pieces’ together to make it work lengthens time to revenue).
* TOF Nurture time - No matter how a ‘lead’ comes in the person still needs to be nurtured to a point of purchase.  

Can I do this "in house" (continued)?
If you do this in house, the tools needed to pull all the strategy and tactics together are, at minimum, the following (and at a monthly cost of at-least $1000):

An intuitive CRM platform, A landing page builder, Email auto responder, Content Curator & Scheduler, Project Management platform, Marketing automation, Scheduling tool, Form Builder, Webinar platform, Video editing tool
Will The Method work for my business?
Yes, BUT we do not work with inexperienced leadership teams.  Having learned lessons, we vet our new clients very carefully.  The Method consists of the core elements you need to execute a successful marketing strategy, so strong vision is needed along with ability to roll up sleeves and work hard. While, we've especially had great success with technology companies, this Method is the perfect way for ANY business to increase your reach and results online for existing businesses and startups alike.  

How is this different from other programs?  
There are no other programs out there that give you a step by step process.  There's lots of ‘lead gen’ noise (aka B.S.) out there; it’s hard to differentiate truth from shallow promises. You should be SUSPICIOUS.

Can't my sales & marketing team do this?
Sort of (but really NO! ) We loves sales & marketing teams, but this approach has to do with the leadership.  This is a full time dedication to building thought leadership and social selling platform.  We build a strategy for finding the right prospects, applying the right message and nurturing relationships the modern way, versus outdated salesy tactics.

How is The LinkedAuthority Method different from the rest?
The marketing space is largely saturated with "fly by night" experts, marketing gurus and a ton of scarcity, pressure selling and way too much information. We've often been told it's 10 years ahead of anything else out there. However, we'll let you be the judge.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Absolutely. If you're not happy for any reason, we will honor a full money-back guarantee within 14 days - no questions asked. Well, maybe a few via a survey.

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